Welcome To Greening Niagara



GN is Niagara's largest grass-roots environmental Non Profit organization - providing Eco education and community projects on issues relating to climate to improve resilience in Niagara.

Greening Niagara programs facilitate education-in-action and provide the tools to make lifestyle changes that can create a large and lasting impact on our community and the environment.

GN provides programs and tools that help individuals to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to healthier, economically stronger communities. We collaborate with municipalities, businesses, school boards, faith-based organizations, volunteers, and other community-based non-profits and charities to assist observable change through local initiatives.


Current Key Objectives:

  • Provide Eco Education for the residents of the Niagara region through workshops, films, tours, panel discussions, workshops, plus school programs
  • Increase climate disruption awareness and resiliency
  • Reduce carbon emissions through community programs
  • Develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies with community groups
  • Provide food security programs plus urban forest biodiversity
  • Build and expand relationships with other organizations
  • Provide awareness and action programs that are inclusive


The Greening Niagara team consists of:

  • Board Members- The Greening Niagara Board provides governance through policies and procedures and the business plan with its annual budgets.
  • Advisory and Organizational /Project Committees
  • Members (including individual, family, non profit, and corporate/business memberships)
  • Student Interns, Co-Op Students
  • Volunteers in several communities


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